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Another Look at Six Myths in the Lost Cause

History books, the media, school systems and on, and on, and on, abound in falsehoods and inaccuracies of Confederate and Southern history. Here are but a few fictional teachings which are presented today as true. Published 2013

The Confederate Book of Quotes & Narratives

The hope for this book is for the reader to visualize the narrative of that day when the South was invaded by those who desired to force their ideals, morals and attitudes on the South because they needed to be brought back under the Northerner’s way of life, philosophy of life and their interpretation of the law.  Published 2014

The Confederate Truth and Nothing But The Truth

My hope for this writing is that it will be used as a resource book. Bottom line, just let it speak for itself without any forced opinions on the narrative.  Published 2015

The Nation In Gray

 In The Nation In Gray, each chapter is a lecture that I have presented and my hope is that the culture of the Confederacy will be seen and the fuller history be given.  Published 2016

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

 Stonewall Jackson was well loved and respected by many around the world. Why — because he was a principled man. Jackson had a high regard for duty. You would hear him say, “Through life let your principal object be the discharge of duty.” This was the man — Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. A Godly man — a role model then — and a role model today. We would be wise to keep in mind Jackson’s favorite maxim was … “Duty is ours; consequences are God’s.”  Published 2017

Miss Belle Boyd

 Miss Belle served the Confederacy as a Confederate spy and went to great extremes to deliver information to General Stonewall Jackson. Interestingly, she began spying as a teenager at seventeen. Published 2017

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