Living in the Land of Cotton
Living in the Land of Cotton
  • Dr. Montgomery's Lecture Itinerary

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    Lecture Dates

    July 9, 2018 - Location: Soul Man's BBQ, 691 Interstate 30, Rockwall, Texas

    July 9, 2018, Monday, 6:00 pm, I will be speaking at the Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203 of Rockwall Texas, with a Presentation on "Union Soldier & Their Yankee Atrocities" 

    August 2, 2018 - Location: Luby’s Cafeteria, 911 N. Main at I 35 South in San Antonio, Texas.

    August 2, 2018, Thursday, 6:00 pm, I will be speaking at the Alamo City Guards Camp #1325 of San Antonio, with a Presentation on “ Julia Ward Howe & The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

    September 17, 2018 - Location: Ol South Pancake House, 1309 University, Ft. Worth, Texas

    September 17, 2018, 6:00, Monday, I will be speaking at the Robert E. Lee Camp # 239 of Forth Worth,  with a Presentation on “Julia Ward Howe & The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” 

    October 8 - Location: Barton Public Library, 200 E 5th St, El Dorado, Arkansas

    October 8, 2018, 6:30, Monday, I will be speaking at the 3rd Regiment Arkansas Infantry Camp #246, El Dorado, Arkansas, with a Presentation on “ Julia Ward Howe & The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” 

    Lecture Topics

    Confederate General Topics

     "The Black Confederate"        
    “The Confederate Chaplain”
    “The Culture of the Confederate States”
    "Another Look at Six Myths in the Lost Cause"
    "The Enlisted Confederate Soldier"
    " Martyrs For The Confederate Cause"
    "The Confederate Military Cadet"
    "Flags Of The Confederacy"
    "Sectional Differences Between the North and the South"
    "The Texas Revolution to the Seventh State of the Confederacy"
    "The Christianity of Thomas Jonathan Jackson"
    "The Southern Baptist Convention & The Confederate States"
    "From Tariff's to Secession"
    "It Was Also A Theological War"
    "Fort Sumter"
    "Was God On The Side Of The North?" 

    "Revival In the Southern Army"

    "Lincoln's Crimes Against the U. S. Constitution"

    Confederate Women

     "Women Serving the Confederate States of America" 

    Yankee Politicians

    "Abraham Lincoln: His Religion & Views On Race"
    "Lincoln's Tyranny"
    ​"Lincoln's Crimes Against the U. S. Constitution" 

    Yankee General Topics

     "Union Soldiers & Their Yankee Atrocities"
    "The Hard Hand Of War" 

    Yankee Women

     "Julia Ward Howe: The Battle Hymn of the Republic" 

    Where I Have Lectured


     Third Regiment Arkansas Infantry Camp #246 of El Dorado 


    General Stand Watie Camp #149 of Mannsville

     Gov/Capt Benjamin F. Smallwood #2259 of Coalgate 

     Pvt. William Price Camp #2284 of Loco 


     Col. Middleton Tate Johnson Camp #1648 of Arlington

    Robert E. Lee Camp #239 of Fort Worth 

    Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203 of Rockwall 

    A.H. Belo Camp #49 of Dallas

    William H. L. Wells Camp #1588 of Plano

    E. W. Taylor Camp #1777 of Bedford

    Ross' Texas Cavalry Camp #965 of Terrell

    Gov. Samuel W. T. Lanham Camp #586 of Weatherford

    Sam Davis Camp,  Three Mountain Retreat, Clifton

    Captain Bob Lee Camp #2198 of Bonham

    Albert Sidney Johnston Camp #983 of Decatur

    Lt. Alexander Cameron Camp #2226 of Greenville

    J.  M.  Matt Barton Camp #441 of Sulphur Springs

    Stonewall Jackson Camp #901 of Denton

    Oran M. Roberts Camp #178 of Waxahachie

    John H Reagan #2156 of Palestine

    Lucy Holcombe Pickens Chapter #2615 (UDC) of Denton

    Texas Terry Rangers Camp #1937 of Cleburne

    Major James Innes Randolph #2255 of Willow Park

    W. H. Howdy Martin Camp #1241 of Athens

    General Sam Bell Maxey Camp #1358 of Paris

    Order of the Confederate Rose, Red River Rose #52 of Gainesville

     Colonel W. H. Parsons #273 Military Order of the Stars & Bars of Ennis

     Col. William H. Griffin #2235 of Haltom City

     General W. L. Cabell #1313 of Dallas

     Colonel A. M. Hobby #713 of Corpus Christi

     Second Texas Frontier #1904 of De Leon

     General Felix H. Robertson Camp #129 of Waco

     Brigadier General John Creed Moore #578 of Gatesville

    Brig. Gen. Richard Montgomery Gano Camp #2292, Grapevine

    "Land of Cotton" Brochure

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