Living in the Land of Cotton
Living in the Land of Cotton
  • Abraham Lincoln's Apotheosis


    DEFINITION - Apotheosis (a·poth·e·o·sis): “...conferred divine rights on those who were distinguished for superior wisdom, heroic achievement, and the eminent virtues which exalt and glorify human life.”

     S. B. Brittain, The Battle-Ground of the Spiritual Reformation (New York: Colby & Rich, 1882), 146. 

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    DEFINITION - Apotheosis (a·poth·e·o·sis): “(deification); a solemnity among the ancients, by which a roan was raised to the rank of the gods. The custom of placing mortals, who had rendered their countrymen important services, among the gods, was very ancient among the Greeks, who generally followed, in so doing, the advice of an oracle.”

    Alexander Whitelaw, The Popular Encyclopedia or, Conversations Lexicon, Volume 1 (Glasgow: Blackie & Sons, 1846), 211.

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