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May 28, 20

"The Confederate Military Cadet"

6:00 pm

Norma’s Cafe, 605 W. 15th Street, Plano

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May 28, 20

"The Confederate Military Cadet"

Lecture at the William H. L. Wells Camp #1588, SCV, Plano, Texas

6:00 pm

Norma’s Cafe, 605 W. 15th Street, Plano

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Lecture Topics in Numerical Order of Writing

Lecture Topics by Richard Lee Montgomery

# 1   The Culture of the Confederacy

#  2   The Confederate Chaplain

#  3   The Black Confederate 

#  4   The The Enlisted Confederate Soldier 

#  5   Martyrs For The Confederate Cause

#  6   The Confederate Military Cadet 

#  7   Abraham Lincoln, His Religion & Views On Race 

#  8  Flags Of The Confederacy

#  9 Union Soldier & Their Yankee Atrocities

# 10 The Hard Hand Of War

# 11 Julia Ward Howe: The Battle Hymn of the Republic 

# 12 It Was Also A Theological War

# 13 From Tariff's to Secession

# 14 Lincoln's Crimes and Violations of the Constitution 

# 15 Differences Between the North and the South

# 16 The War On Biblical Christianity In America

# 17 Lincoln's Tyranny

# 18 Women Serving the Confederate States of America

# 19 The Texas Revolution to the Seventh State of the Confederacy

# 20 Was God On The Side Of The North

# 21 Revival In the Southern Army

# 22 The Christianity of Thomas Jonathan Jackson

# 23 Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina

# 24 Mildred Lewis Rutherford aka Miss Millie

# 25 Why the Heritage of the Confederacy Continues To Live On

Where I Have Lectured

Where Richard Lee Montgomery has Lectured


 Third Regiment Arkansas Infantry Camp #246 of El Dorado 


General Stand Watie Camp #149 of Mannsville

Gov/Capt Benjamin F. Smallwood #2259 of Coalgate 

Pvt. William Price Camp #2284 of Loco 

South Carolina

S.C.V. Camp,  The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, Charleston 


Col. Middleton Tate Johnson Camp #1648 of Arlington

Robert E. Lee Camp #239 of Fort Worth 

Rockwall Cavalry Camp #2203 of Rockwall 

A.H. Belo Camp #49 of Dallas

William H. L. Wells Camp #1588 of Plano

E. W. Taylor Camp #1777 of Bedford

Ross' Texas Cavalry Camp #965 of Terrell

Gov. Samuel W. T. Lanham Camp #586 of Weatherford

Sam Davis Camp,  Three Mountain Retreat, Clifton

Captain Bob Lee Camp #2198 of Bonham

Albert Sidney Johnston Camp #983 of Decatur

Lt. Alexander Cameron Camp #2226 of Greenville

J.  M.  Matt Barton Camp #441 of Sulphur Springs

Stonewall Jackson Camp #901 of Denton

Oran M. Roberts Camp #178 of Waxahachie

John H Reagan #2156 of Palestine

Lucy Holcombe Pickens Chapter #2615 (UDC) of Denton

Texas Terry Rangers Camp #1937 of Cleburne

Major James Innes Randolph #2255 of Willow Park

W. H. Howdy Martin Camp #1241 of Athens

General Sam Bell Maxey Camp #1358 of Paris

Order of the Confederate Rose, Red River Rose #52 of Gainesville

Colonel W. H. Parsons #273 Military Order of the Stars & Bars of Ennis

Col. William H. Griffin #2235 of Haltom City

General W. L. Cabell #1313 of Dallas

Colonel A. M. Hobby #713 of Corpus Christi

Second Texas Frontier #1904 of De Leon

General Felix H. Robertson Camp #129 of Waco

Brigadier General John Creed Moore #578 of Gatesville

Brig. Gen. Richard Montgomery Gano Camp #2292, Grapevine

Julia Jackson Chapter # 141, U. D. C., Fort Worth 

United Daughters of the Confederacy, Chapter # 6 of Dallas

Alamo City Guards Camp #1325 of San Antonio

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